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HoLEP Guideline

A Good Example of HoLEP Procedures

1. I uploaded an unedited video clip. I think this is important for our frank discussion, because I don't need to upload an edited version to show my best HoLEP performance.

This 65-year-old patient had an enlarged prostate as large as 66g and he showed bladder outle obstruction in the urodynamic examination. Total operative time was 56 min.

(1) HoLEP procedures (unedited video)

Start - 08:54 Bladder and prostate inspection + Median lobe resection
09:15 - 17:04 Lt lateral lobe resection
18:00 - 22:22 Rt lateral lobe resection
22.30 - the end. Trimming

(2) Morecellation

2. Do you want to see another case of another hospital?

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