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Next-generation Shock Wave Lithotripsy Development

USD $5 million funded by KMDF in 2020
(Korea Medical Device Development Fund)


Urological Surgical Laser Development

Co-development with industry leading company.

[3D Printing]
Training Module Development

Training kits for Flexible Ureteroscopy & Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy were successfully launched in 2021


Clinical Research In Robot-assisted Flexible Ureteroscopy

Clinical research to prove safety and efficiency in robotic f-URS

Next Generation Catheter Development

Joint development agreement in place with College of Engineering at Seoul National University


Human Factor Engineering & Usability Test

The first center which achieved KOLAS-certified 100 cases of usability tests in 2020, nationwide.
(KOLAS: Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme)

[3D Printing]
Clinical application

To overcome abnormalities in anatomy and challenging kidney stone cases


Kidney Stone Lab : Research and Development

AI System Development for Stone Surgery

To overcome abnormalities in anatomy and chDevelop AI to assist clinicians for more efficient flexible-URS procedures.

Research Professor, Two Basic and Clinical Research Teams

Principal professor (Sung Yong Cho)
Research professor (Si Hyoung Kim)
Basic research team (Seong Hyun Choi)
 Clinical research team (Ah Yeon Hwang)

First Clinical Research Center for Laser in Korea

USD $1,400k (약 19억) Funded by National Research Foundation (NRF) & the Korea Medical Device Development Fund.
For investigating the laser, urinary stone, therapeutic ultrasound, and ESWL machine development

Research & Development in Microbiome for Stone Disease

Using human microbiome for diagnosis and prognosis in kidney stone diseases

Clinical Research for Flexible Ureteroscopy

First clinical test in Asia for performance parameters of the LITHOVUE, the 1st disposable flexible ureteroscopy

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