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Training for Doctors

What We Do


  • Live Surgeries

  • Hands-on Training

  • Fellowship Programs


  • Endoluminal & Technology

  • Stone Institute (by BSI)

  • Webinars


  • Kidney Stone Guideline 

  • Various topics are on-going


Fellowship Program

  • Various fellowship programs are available. 

  • Optional conferences, seminar, and joint researches are ready

Live Surgery

  • Live cases 

- RIRS, (M)PCNL, and ECIRS...

  • Locations

- Seoul National Univ. Hospital

- Boramae Medical Center​

Hands-on Training

  • Share Tips and Tricks.

- LithoVue with dry lab



ETS 2nd w O Traxer K Ghani.jpg

Endoluminal & Technology


  • International symposium, focused ​on Endoluminal and medical technology.

Stone Institute / Stone Expert Meeting

  • Industry supported symposium with experts around the world

  • Stone focused 


RIRS guidebook

  • Main committee member for Asian Guideline 

  • Guide book has published in 2016 - revision is on going 

  • Highest number of RIRS cases in Korea 

Research/ Study Group

  • Group of Urologies who are keen in to research and academic advancement 

  • Regular meetings and discuss various subjects in depth.

International/ Regional Research 

  • Global collaboration in research

  • Leading research center in Korea

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