Medical Device

Development & Clinical Research

NExt-generation Shock wave lithotripsy


USD $5 million funded by KMDF in 2020

(Korea Medical Device Development Fund)

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Urological SurgICAL laser


Co-development with industry leading company.


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Training module 


Training kits for Flexible Ureteroscopy & Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy were successfully launched in 2021. 

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Clinical research in

robot-assisted flexible ureteroscopy

Clinical research to prove safety and efficiency in robotic f-URS 


next Generation



Joint development agreement in place with College of Engineering at Seoul National University

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Clinical research in 'Artisential'

Multi-joint-endoscopy instruments' efficiency in urology


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Clinical application

To overcome abnormalities in anatomy and challenging kidney stone cases

Human Factor Engineering & Usability test

The first center which achieved KOLAS-certified 100 cases of usability tests in 2020, nationwide.

(KOLAS: Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme)

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Kidney Stone Lab

Researches and Development

AI system development for stone surgery

Develop AI to assist clinicians for more efficient flexible-URS procedures.

first CLINICAL RESEARCH center for Laser in Korea

USD $270k Funded by National Research Foundation (NRF) in Korea.

Investigating the relationship between laser fibre core degradation and fibre jacket burn

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Research & development


microbiome for Stone disease

Using human microbiome for diagnosis and prognosis in kidney stone diseases

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Clinical research for flexible ureteroscopy

First clinical test in Asia for performance parameters of the LITHOVUE, the 1st disposable flexible ureteroscopy

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