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KEEP (Knowledge Experience and Education Program)

April 1, 2017

My colleagues and I planned to share our experience with Asian colleagues.






The agenda is like this.

 Dr Lee Sang Hyub gave us a talk about 'Current trend of stone management in Korea'. 

I (Dr Cho Sung Yong) talked about 'Combined approach for large renal stone: ECIRS.'


Dr Lee Dong Sub showed his terrible experience of complications of PCNL.



Dr Kim Hyung Jun showed importance of infection related to RIRS RIRS is a very safe surgical method. However, urosepsis should be strictly controlled because it can make a mortality case after RIRS. 



Dr Bang Woo Jin analyzed pattern of scope damage during RIRS. And careful manipulation was focused on. 


 Dr Ko Kyung Tae and Koo Kyo Chul showed their excellent ultramini-PCNL and RIRS cases during the video session. Dr Choo Min Soo (although he is really an active investigator) was a little bit shy this time, but he did his best. 






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