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Multi tracts in upper,middle & lower calices in supine position

September 8, 2019

<Subtitle1> No more routine nephrectomies to our patients with renal stones, please.

<Subtitle2> Why do you think upper pole management is impossible in supine position?


A female patient was informed of the necessity of nephrectomy in another very famous hospital in Seoul and she visited my hospital, SNUH, to hear my opinion. 

Although she had multiple stones in multiple separated calices, we could remove these stones using ultrasound-guided multiple tracts and flexible ureteroscopy even in supine position. The left-sided kidney had good renal function!



Almost all stones were removed except some mucosal stone lesions. This would not always be successful and we may sometimes consider staged endoscopic operations. Although endoscopic procedures is a good option, I feel that nephrectomies are being recommended to our patients so easily lately.... 




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Basketing and Dusting

February 4, 2016

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