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Hepatitis and unresolved ureteral kinking

August 23, 2017

74-year-old male, Height 157.3cm, Body weight 58.7kg


Underlying diseases: hypertension, hepatitis (AST/ATL 1533/431)


NCCT: Rt upper ureteral stricture with severe hydronephroureterosis 


-> Rt PCN insertion 



s/p Rt DJ insertion  (2017.8.8), but the upper segment of the DJ catheter was located in the dilated and kinked upper ureter segment. 


-> s/p antegrade DJ reposition using the 18Fr mini-PCNL nephroscopy and the upper end was tagged to the 12Fr nephrostomy catheter. (2017.8.23) 



The DJ catheter is located in the renal pelvis through the medial side of the dilated upper ureter and linked to the 12Fr nephrostomy tube to avoid withdrawal to the upper dilated ureter. 



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Basketing and Dusting

February 4, 2016

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