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MonopoLEP (Enucleation of prostate by monopolar)

January 13, 2017

Do you know the terminology of 'monopoLEP'?

MonopoLEP (Enucleation by monopolar electrocautery)

BipoLEP (Enucleation by bipolar electrocautery) = TUEB (Transurethral resection using bipolar)

GreenLEP (Enucleation by greenlight laser)

HoLEP (Enucleation by holmium laser)

ThuLEP (Enucelation by thulium laser)


Now, we can feel that 'enucleation' now becomes the keyword in the endoscopic surgery of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).


Case summary

A 70-year-old men underwent monopoLEP in my hospital because of the refractory LUTS to medical treatment.  The prostate size was 75 ml and the urodyanmic exam showed bladder outlet obstruction. Recently, his voiding symptoms was extremely aggravated after he took an anti-histamine medication.


IPSS qustionnare score: 4353522-4

Prostate ultrasonography:  74/42, calcification+, prostatic-urethral angle: 63, BWT : ant ->  5.1 mm,   dome -> 5.9  mm,  trigone -> 5.7  mm. DWT : dome ->    1.3mm. Bladder vol : 162 cc

20170103 Urodynamic finding: UFM (Qmax 7.7/ Voided volume 164/ PVR 100 ml), MUCP 40, Sensation (first at 200 ml/ normal at 291 ml/ strong at 353 ml); terminal IDC+; compliance: good; PdetQmax=62;; BOOI=50; obstructed pattern, . final UFM (Q max 8 /  Voided volume 159 ml/ PVR 250 ml)





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Basketing and Dusting

February 4, 2016

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