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Testing Lithovue (disposable URS)

October 16, 2016

Profiles of Lithovue(TM)

- 7.7Fr distal tip, 9.5Fr diameter, bidirectional 270 degrees

 Over guidewire insertion into the ureter

- 7.7Fr distal tip is larger than 7.0Fr (Flex-X2), which means that lithovue could not be inserted into the ureter even after ureteroscopic (7.5Fr) dilatation of UVJ (ureterovesical junctional) orifice. 

- Through the ureteral access sheath: very easy (11/13Fr size is enough)



To handle the scope

- Grip: Very light. 

- Irrigation: very good (40-50 cmH2O is enough for naviation, 100 cmH2O for dusting)

- Deflection angles:  270 degrees with a 1.9Fr basket, 150-200 degress with 200 um laser fiber, 110-180 degress with 365 um laser fiber

- Maneuverability and overal performance satisfaction: very good


Working channel

- 3.6 Fr size: very good

- No friction feeling at the connection point of working sheath and the body during insertion of any disposable device (very good point!!)

- No portseal: A new portseal of 3 way connector should be used


Navigation of the renal collecting system with the Lithovue: very good image quality











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Basketing and Dusting

February 4, 2016

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