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Indications of ECIRS

June 15, 2016

This case was presented at the annual symposium of the Korean Endourological Society in 2016.


1. To achieve complete stone-free status with fURS/cysto
2. AIRS (Antegrade IntraRenal Stricture/Stone surgery)
3. Renal and ureter stones together
4. Bilateral stones
5. Cardiovascular risk (supine)
6. Impacted UPJ stones
7. Etc.


I decided to perform ECIRS on the left side, but there were remnant stones in the leftt upper pole after a 110-min procedure of ECIRS. I planned to perform the salvage RIRS as the 2nd procedure.



I performed ECIRS on the right side and completely removed the right kidney stones. After that, I performed the salvage RIRS for remnant stones in the left kidney. Complete stone-free status was achieved.




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Basketing and Dusting

February 4, 2016

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