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Basketing and Dusting

[World J urol 2016]

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[Basketing for sticky stones video]

We can make stones into dusts by the "escargo technique", laser lithotripsy from the outside to inside the stones. In my case, I try to break stones into pieces and perform basketing first as far as I can. Then, I perform dusting to make the remnant pieces into dusts. (I mean dusts are the very 'floating' dusts in the renal pelvis as you know!!)

-------- Therefore, we usually think that dust or small fragments can easily go out the body. However, my analysis showed a little bit different result. They did not go out during several postoperative years and some of them became large. [World J Urol 2016] We need to remove all of them as far as we can. Is this because Asian ureters are too narrow for small fragments and dust to escape from the kidneys?

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